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Our philosophy

Our philosophy

We are based on a number of principles in the management of La Cerisaie:

  1. Welcoming in French country style
    The maison de maître is built in a classic French style. We also take this into account in the design (classic rural French).

  2. Comfort & Convenience
    Despite the fact that the house is quite old, we offer our guests quality: good beds with fine linen. We do everything we can to make your stay at La Cerisaie as pleasant as possible. If things are not going well somewhere, we would like to hear about it.

  3. Durable
    We try to run the B&B (increasingly) sustainably. In terms of food, we want to try to give vegetables the leading role at dinner. At breakfast there are cold cuts, but in a modest range. More than enough other tasty things of course, including an egg.
    We would like to ask our guests to also contribute to a (more) sustainable world. For example, to use towels for several days. If you would like a clean towel every day, that is of course possible. From the perspective of sustainability, we have chosen not to install air conditioners in the B&B for the time being. There is a fan in every room / gîte.

  4. Biological dynamic
    In the same vein, we try to use biodynamic products from local producers as much as possible. Both for food and drink, and for cleaning products. But it must be said: this is still a development process, because we also have to get to know the environment and the regional producers a bit.

  5. Open, honest and transparent
    We are open and honest in our communication. We like it when our guests are too. As mentioned in point 2: If things are not going well somewhere, we would like to hear about it.
    In the context of this starting point: La Cerisaie is located in the village of Riols on the D908, which is a through road through the valley. At night it is wonderfully quiet, but in the morning local traffic slowly starts...

  6. Everyone is welcome
    Openness, inclusiveness and diversity are important to us. Everyone is welcome with us!

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Published 05-12-2022 / Copyright © La Cerisaie