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The Haut Languedoc

The Haut Languedoc

The Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park, located at the extreme end of the Massif Central, on the border of the Tarn and Hérault departments, is not well known. But that is completely unjustified.

It is a beautiful natural heritage, unspoilt and not spoiled by mass tourism. With great biodiversity, beautiful flora and fauna, the park is an exceptional area. Its wealth also comes from its history and traditions, because man has found shelter here for thousands of years. Forests, vineyards, shrublands, valleys, granite mountains; the park offers many different reliefs, scents and colors.

The park is a cross between three climatic influences, which create a wide variety of landscapes. If it is a bit too warm in Riols, you can go to the mountains, where it is four to five degrees cooler. If it is a bit too chilly in Riols, you can go to the sea, where it is four to five degrees warmer.

The park is located in two departments: Tarn and Hérault. In the Hérault there are vineyards, valleys such as those of Orb and la Mare, the Caroux-Espinouse mountain massif, mountain gorges and beautiful villages such as Roquebrun and Olargues. Eagles, mouflons, otters, bats and many other animal species live in the midst of this lush nature.

With such a diverse range of landscapes, this park is the ideal area for nature activities. Go out on the hiking trails , cycle, walk or horse ride on the Passa Païs green path. Or go rock climbing, swimming or water sports in the lakes or rivers, try to hook a fish in the Agout…

An attractive program, which is complete with an introduction to local expertise, such as gastronomy. Taste all those delicacies based on chestnuts and honey, fish or meat dishes. Or cheese boards with scents that will stimulate the taste buds. To die for. The quality of these dishes is guaranteed by the quality mark 'Product from the Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park', which emphasizes products made by local craftsmen. Also nice: it is all very affordable here. Plus the people in this region are very friendly. This may also be because tourism has not taken off here.

The garden of La Cerisaie borders the former railway line from Bédarieux to Mazamet. This route was closed at the end of the 1970s and since 2010 has been converted into an easily accessible walking and cycling path of 80 km! You can cycle along this 'voie verte' relatively easily. In one direction to Saint Pons (4 km) or a little further to the Devèze caves in Courniou (9 km). Or the other way: to the beautiful village of Olargues (15 km), which is on the list of 'Les plus beaus villages de France' and cycle over the centuries-old Devil's Bridge. La Cerisaie is located right next to this voie verte and is therefore an ideal base for exploring this fascinating region by bike.

So if you had the idea to take your bike on holiday... That's fine! The bicycles can be stored in the garage (locked). Are you not taking a bicycle on holiday? No problem; It is also possible to rent a bicycle or mountain bike from us.

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Published 05-12-2022 / Copyright © La Cerisaie